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Recombinant Ebola Virus Ebola Zaire Protein Protein, His, E.coli-500ug

QP11728-500ug EnQuireBio 500ug

Recombinant Ebola Virus Ebola Sudan Protein Protein, Untagged, E.coli-1mg

QP11726-1mg EnQuireBio 1mg

Recombinant Ebola Virus Ebola Sudan Protein Protein, Untagged, E.coli-100ug

QP11726-100ug EnQuireBio 100ug

Recombinant Ebola Virus Ebola Sudan Protein Protein, Untagged, E.coli-500ug

QP11726-500ug EnQuireBio 500ug

Ebola NP antigen [His]

DAGA-3013 Creative Diagnostics 1mg

Ebola Virus NP protein

80-1411 Fitzgerald 100 ug
Description: Purified Recombinant Ebola Nucleoprotein antigen (Zaire strain)

Ebola Virus VP40 (Zaire)

REC31727-100 The Native Antigen Company 0.1
Description: Full length Ebola (Zaire) VP40 comprising 325 amino acids is expressed and purified from E. coli with a 6xHis tag is attached to its C terminus.


ABC-TC0956 AcceGen 1 vial Ask for price

REC-2615 (HCl)

530142 MedKoo Biosciences 10.0mg 295 EUR


tlrl-flic-10 InvivoGen FR 10 µg 295.05 EUR


tlrl-flic-50 InvivoGen FR 50 µg 731.85 EUR

rec EGF (human)

4030572.01 Bachem 0.1 mg 102.27 EUR

rec EGF (human)

4030572.05 Bachem 0.5 mg 271.85 EUR

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0100 Bachem 0.1mg 194.4 EUR

rec EGF (human)

H-7490.0500 Bachem 0.5mg 457.2 EUR

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ARHGDIA Antibody / RHOGDI Antibody

F54788-0.08ML NSJ Bioreagents 0.08 ml 140.25 EUR

ARHGDIA Antibody / RHOGDI Antibody

F54788-0.4ML NSJ Bioreagents 0.4 ml 322.15 EUR

Tau (Ab-262) Antibody Antibody

E11-7239B EnoGene 100μg/100μl 225 EUR

MDR3 P-glycoprotein Antibody Mouse Monoclonal Antibody, Antibody

GWB-120022 GenWay Biotech 0.1 mg Ask for price

Antibody Pair to APOA5 Antibody

E10-20042 EnoGene 100μg/100μl 225 EUR